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images…  they are unhappy with themselves.

We always want to be accepted and respected and sometimes we come up against people who it seems are never happy with anyone or anything. You know the type – the boss who you can never please; the partner who always wants you to be better; the friend who is always competing with you. Where does this come from?

It comes from an overall lack of contentedness in oneself. After all, how can you be happy with anyone if you are not happy with yourself first? This is where it begins.

If someone is feeling great about themselves, e.g. they have been losing weight, new hair cut, new job, new relationship, they are usually on top of the world and that helps them to relate better to other people. But when someone is feeling down and unhappy with their weight, sluggish, feeling not good enough at their job and with their performance in a relationship, then they find it extremely difficult to connect with others and see the beauty in others. But whose fault is that?

We tend to take on other’s unhappiness with themselves and make it about us. In those instances, it is NEVER about you. Remember you cannot control others and their opinions of you or themselves. That is not the name of the game. The name of the game is to BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF and feel good enough in your skin so that other people’s comments and opinions simply roll off you. They should never stick to you unless you want them to.

The next time you are feeling that someone is not treating you kindly and isn’t happy with you, send them love and realize that it is not you that they are unhappy with, it is themselves. For if they were truly happy with themselves, they would be able to communicate with you in a much more fair, kind and motivating fashion. If they are being unkind, unfair or mean, it is most likely about them. Never make other’s unhappiness with themselves about you. It is your happiness with yourself that is the key to setting you free. Are you happy with yourself?


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