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Open-sign-on-blue-backgro-007… you might not be.

Just because you want something, doesn’t mean you get it. You have to be OPEN to receiving it. You have to feel WORTHY of having it and you have to be a VIBRATIONAL MATCH to it before it can appear in your life. Getting what you want is a process. And until you gel with that process, what you want will always elude you.

Many of us do not have what we want in our lives because on some level we do not feel worthy of having it. Maybe we feel inadequate for that job promotion. Maybe we feel that the object of our affections is “out of our league.” Maybe we feel we do not have enough or the right education to do what we really want to do in life. Maybe, maybe, maybe…. but just maybe it’s all our maybes that are keeping us back from having everything we truly want. Maybe doesn’t guarantee success. By nature, it is littered with doubt. Telling yourself you might not get it, assures you never will. Being truly open means acknowledging that it is there for you and anxiously awaiting its arrival with a certainty that it is yours.

So remember, isolating what you want is the easy part. Now the real work begins. Before what you want can make it into your reality, you must be able to embody the energy of being truly open to it. In other words, knowing you are worthy of having it and allowing yourself to live in a space where excitement is bringing it to your door.

Is there something you want? Learn to be open to receiving it….

Know you are worth it.

Get excited about having it.

Never ponder the possibility of it not happening.

That way your work is done and it will most certainly be yours. Are you ready to receive what you truly want? Time to be open to it.

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