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th-1… and it will all be handed to you.

Live it in fear, and you will lose it. All of it.

Lions roar. Cowards get eaten. Which one are you?

Lions step up and own their power; they don’t question the direction they want to move in; they naturally seize the day. Cowards spend their days hiding from themselves and hiding from perceived danger. But danger is always a matter of perception… what you perceive will destroy you, absolutely will.

It helps to know that the coward lives in his head – believing his own mind stories – playing games with himself and living in a perpetual state of fear.  Whereas the lion lives in his instinct – not questioning his ability, or comparing himself to anyone else, he just takes what he wants, when he knows he wants it. He lives in a state of his own power.

Being a coward and living in a perpetual state of fear will destroy you. Fear gets you eaten. Fear stops you from living. Fear stops you from experiencing. Fear stops you from evolving.

And what’s worse is that fear builds on itself – you get what you put out in life, and if what you are putting out is fear, you are creating more and more instances of it around you. That process will never allow for happiness and expansion.

Lions are empowered to live their lives. Cowards are disempowered because they give their power over to a perceived predator who will expedite their timely demise. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy of the mind.

How do you want to live your life? Like a lion or a coward?

Live life fearlessly – just like the lion, listen to your intuition and let it guide you – take any and all risks – don’t ask too many questions, just move and always trust in the process of your life to bring you to where you need to be. It’s instinctual. When you focus your energy on creating the life you want, the sky is the limit and you will have it all.

Don’t feed the “what if’s” of the coward’s mind –  don’t even acknowledge them – shut them down. Indecision is the plight of the coward – it imobilizes him with fear and gets him eaten. Life is too short to give your power over to fear. People who succeed in life are the ones who step into their power. Own your power, it’s yours. Let everyone hear you ROAR!

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