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go_back_home_by_pansasunavee… what you decide to do with it, DOES.

Your past is in THE PAST. The only thing it does is create a FOUNDATION for which you are meant to BUILD UPWARDS.

This foundation has shaped you and molded you into the being you are today. But as with any foundation, you’re meant to BUILD UPON IT and move UPWARDS, not stay stuck on it.

You were never meant to be tied to the very foundation you’ve come from. It was only ever a starting point for who you were going to become. Moving forward, you’re meant to be evolving yourself, building a NEW YOU on top of that foundation.

But many of us forget that. We get mired in the past and we allow it to limit our growth. But here’s the deal, you always have a choice in every moment as to how you will use your past. Will you allow yourself to be held back by that past or will you be strong enough to make your life better based on your learnings from that past? That choice is always yours.

Your past no longer has any control over you, because IT IS OVER. Leave your past in the past where it belongs. Don’t focus on the foundation anymore – it’s there, it’s solid, it’s not going anywhere. It will support the new you that you are building on top of it. Use that foundation to build something extraordinary – something unique – something that will leave its mark on the world. If you just stop at the foundation, you will never explore the depths of what you could become.

Your past never defines you; what you do with it, does. Always know that just because it’s part of your history does NOT mean it has to become part of your destiny. Only you can decide that.

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