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th-2… is a lifelong journey.

Not a destination.

Who you are takes time to unravel. It doesn’t happen overnight.

There’s nowhere you have to be. You have only to let yourself BE and let yourself walk your own path to finding your life purpose.

You are a sum of your life experiences and those experiences make you who you are and they put you on a path towards defining your purpose in life.

Do you know what you want to do with your life? Do you know what you are here to share with others? Living your life one step at a time and allowing yourself to find those answers organically is what will put you on a path towards personal success NOT forcing yourself into a certain career or job sector. Let yourself breathe and be who you are. Explore ideas and concepts that appeal to you and interest you. The seeds of your life work are always in your interests.

Also, don’t measure yourself against anyone else’s criteria. Live your life. Enjoy your experiences and keep your head up and your eyes ahead – don’t sleep walk your way through your life. Finding yourself is a divine process and one which unravels like the skin of an onion.

Don’t put a time limit on finding yourself. It is a life-long process – a true journey into the heart of your soul. You can’t just be “there,” you have to get to your heart slowly – one step at a time.  Once you find yourself you realize there was never any other place to be.

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