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on-time… it moves in ITS OWN TIME.

Things naturally happen in their own time on planet Earth. Every person you meet, every situation you encounter comes about WHEN IT’S TIME. And it’s NOT up to you to change that.

Time is a mastermind of orchestration — it culls together the necessary events and people of your life and creates the most beautiful tapestry of life experience.

But here’s the deal… timing has to be right or the tapestry will lack a necessary link or loop. Often times we push time and end up with a scenario that is “half-baked” — lacking a necessary link that we were unable to patiently wait for — and that NEVER serves us.

Time cannot be rushed. Time needs to be respected. Anything that is worth having is worth waiting for.

You can’t rush your life. You don’t want to rush your life. Rushing time has its own grave implications. Be careful what you wish for, for if you rush the time it takes to get there, you’ll get it where it is, NOT where it’s supposed to be.

What’s meant for you will make its way to you in time. Patience is everything. Trust the process of your life and know that the life you want comes about precisely on time. It can NEVER be rushed.

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