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… you have to let them grow.

In life, expansion is key. You can’t get to the next level without moving through the level you’re in.

Progress in life is about embracing a feed forward system, not backwards. So in essence, you have to grow out of something, not hide from it. It has to be surmounted.

Expanding out of something means you have managed to rise above it and integrate its wisdom. It’s a feed forward of intelligent learning and it builds off the very problem you’ve struggled with.

Escaping your problems is akin to constricting and giving up, while allowing the problem to still exist. It may provide you with a momentary sense of relief, but since there’s been no expansion, the problem always comes back larger than life.

Expansion raises your vibration and escapism lowers it. You can’t get to a higher level by adopting a lower level strategy.

Problems cannot be escaped, they have to be expanded through. Expansion (transformation) is a higher vibrational game. It requires that you face the problem head on, surmount it, and use it as a springboard into higher levels of consciousness. Are you ready for expansion?

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