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straight-flush… but you can ALWAYS change the way you play them.

And that’s EVERYTHING.

Sometimes we get caught up with the cards we’re dealt. Maybe they haven’t put us in a very favorable position? Maybe they haven’t set us up for success? Maybe they are presenting obstacles to our progress? Maybe… maybe…? But it doesn’t matter. You can’t change the cards you’ve been dealt, but you can absolutely change the way you play them and that ALWAYS determines your NEXT experience.

Bet you didn’t know that.

A hand is just a hand; the winning strategy is in the game plan. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been dealt in life, all that matters is that you play it to the best of your ability with integrity, authenticity and tenacity. Then your work is done.

Sure you can blame the cards you’re holding for the disarray in your life, but that NEVER serves you. The cards will NOT change for you, but you can get smart as to how you play them. Here’s the secret: playing a smart hand will bring you to an even better place then a great hand could have ever yielded.

Learn to stop lamenting a bad hand, and learn to accept the challenge of playing it. Life is too short to blame the hand you’ve been dealt. Recognize that a bad hand will always make you a better player. It can be no other way.

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