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… a better plan is coming together for you.

It can be no other way.

Plans are the foundation on which we build our lives. If a plan you’ve worked hard on is falling apart, it obviously isn’t strong enough to support your growth. Don’t be upset that it fell apart before its vision was realized — be grateful that you now know you require a stronger foundation and build it accordingly.

Not every plan is meant to come into fruition. Some plans are more important for where they bring you to then whether or not they materialize.

Trust the process of your life — if something doesn’t come together for you, it’s because something better is just around the corner.

The best laid plans should fall apart if they are not able to support your dreams. Be flexible. If it crashes down, step back and recognize that there is something much better coming together. Know that it’s not a punishment, it’s a reward.

Life is funny like that.

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