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… trust me you don’t.

If life was as easy as that, no one would ever have to come to this huge earthly classroom of learning. If we had all the answers to every challenge, what would be the point of going through that challenge?

Sometimes we get stuck on a page – the content is boring, we can’t get through the chapter, we have read the same passage over and over again, logic would dictate that we need to read on if change is ever going to be found. When we learn to turn the page and push beyond the boredom of that page, we bring new insights to the table, we breathe a fresh outcome into our situation. 

Certainty narrows and uncertainty broadensWhen you stop thinking that you have all the answers, you free up the energy to bring you new solutions you have never even dreamed of. Don’t keep yourself trapped in your same habitual patterns. When you learn to think outside the box, new situations, new people and certainly new outcomes become more readily available. When you think you know all the answers and have seen it all and done it all, you lock yourself down in a repetitive pattern that is very dense and heavy. When you learn to abandon your “trusted remedies” life has a way of opening up in amazing and very suprising ways. Let go and surrender is the name of the game – the game that will undoubtedly yield you the greatest results.

Controlling your every move, and going through life with blinders on is akin to sleepwalking your way through it. Why bother? The point of life is to leverage every rich experience and to grow from that experience. We do not grow by repeating the same calculated strategies. Live your life with as much color and zest as you can muster. Stop thinking you have all the answers, you might just learn something new. Remember certainty narrows, uncertainty broadens. It is when you think you have all the answers that is just the time to abandon ship and learn to swim!

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