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… it was coming for you.

Have you ever been blindsided by an event? Was something taken away from you completely out of the blue?

If it was surprisingly ripped away from you and you never saw it coming; YOU WERE MEANT TO LOSE IT. 

As humans, we struggle with making the right decisions for ourselves. What if we let go of something and are left with immense regret? We might forever beat ourselves up if we make the wrong decision, right?

Here’s how your life works — if a decision is made BY YOU, you can forever regret it; but if a decision is made FOR YOU, know that THE UNIVERSE HAS CHOSEN IT.   

Free will can mess up a lot of stuff. Fate knows better.

Never lament something that is ripped away from you. Trust that universal forces are at play on your behalf. Whatever was taken off your path was NEVER going to stand the test of time.

When you never saw it coming, it was certainly coming for you. Look past the pain. Feel comfort in the decision that the universe made on your behalf. If it wasn’t right for you; it wouldn’t have happened to you. It may not feel very good at the time, but the wisdom of that decision will see to it that you be placed onto a much better path.

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