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th-1… you can see the stars.

They are always there.

They are those bright spots in your life that will guide you onwards on your path… if you can see them.

The stars are always there, but do we ever see them? We are used to focusing on the darkness in our lives but we do not realize that with all darkness is the potential to see the brightest stars. The stars are only visible through that darkness. We live in a world of opposites – you have to be in the darkness to be able to see the light of the stars. But we always stop and get stuck in the darkness.

When the darkness of your life descends upon you, time to open your eyes and see the stars that are all around you. Those stars are the people and situations that have the innate ability to help you shine. They are always there if you can just learn to adjust your eyes.

You will always see what you want to see. Do you want to see the darkness or do you want to see the opportunities for light? Learn what your stars are and learn how to find them in the darkness. They are always there to guide you and lead you through your darkest night. Your ability to re-adjust your eyes to see that light will help you to transform the fear of the darkness into the optimism of that shining star.

Life is too short to hide from the darkness. Open your eyes and allow those stars to guide you on your path. You are never alone. When you are in the darkness, trust that those stars will guide you on your way. Their light will never dim.

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