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… you can see where you are. 

When you are surrounded by others, your view is blocked. 

I used to think I knew who I was and how I fit into the whole when I lived in NYC, but in reality, I couldn’t see anything. 

When you are alone, you have clear sight. But when you are surrounded by others, your view becomes muddied. It’s muddied because you only see yourself as a reflection of someone else. You do not have true clarity. True clarity only comes when you only see you. Anyone else around you is just a distraction from you knowing yourself. 

Most of us never know who we truly are. We are too busy competing with others around us (on social media) trying to prove to ourselves that we are better than them. But when you are constantly comparing yourself to those around you, you lose a bit of yourself. You turn that energy over to others and no longer have access to it. You give them your power. And why would you do that? Why would you not keep the integrity of your own power?

People can become distractions, albeit beautiful distractions, to us finding our way in the world. If you truly want to know yourself, step away from the crowd. You are not them. You will just get swallowed up and lost in that crowd.

Being alone is a chance to re-align yourself to who you truly are. When you no longer have the distractions of others, you can better see where you are headed.

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images… you can see where you are.

When you are with others, you have NO idea.

Being alone at any stage in your life represents an enforced separation. It is the universe’s way of giving you space to reflect and help you work out something that you would otherwise not see.

In life we tend to “busy” ourselves from looking in the mirror and doing our work. When lovers, friends and/or jobs get taken away from you, it is a sign that a part of your life needs attention. Once your plate is cleared and there is some space, you can begin to see what needs to be healed.

Being alone is one of the greatest gifts the universe can bestow upon us. It gives us the space to process our life path and gives us the clarity we need to make changes that will help us to move forward in the right direction. Don’t rush to “busy yourself” when you find yourself alone. You will miss the opportunity to heal the part of yourself that has been screaming for attention. When you are with others, those parts of ourselves get buried in favor of prioritizing others’ needs or others’ behaviors.

Enjoy your alone time and give gratitude for the opportunity to allow yourself to heal. It is in that space of being alone that great change comes about. And it is only through being alone that you can see where you really are in life. Embrace your alone time and use it as the stepping stone to take stock of the rest of your life. Oddly enough, spending time alone is really the only way to find true happiness with all others.


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