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… move with it or it’ll take you out.

Life is in constant motion, shifting and changing. As humans, we have to move with those changes, we cannot resist them. Resisting change is akin to back pedaling through our lives.

In life, always remain fluid. Move like the waters, yet be aware when the tide is changing and act accordingly. Your life is not a constant, it ebbs and flows in cycles and the more conscious you are, the better you are at anticipating those shifts in the tide.

Life is about flowing with the currents, observing the energy and respecting the direction in which it wants to move. If the tide is moving in a certain direction, heed it, life is guiding you towards more tranquil waters.

Respect the cycles of your relationships and jobs — nothing stays the same. Learn to identify the changes in the tides so you don’t get stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.

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