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… it’s what you’ve experienced that makes up true intelligence.

How smart are you? Intelligence isn’t based on standardized tests or gpa; it’s based on wisdom from experience. How do you really know something unless you’ve lived it? 

Words don’t teach. Only experience teaches.

Knowing something isn’t enough to teach you its value in your life. LIVING IT IS. The experience is everything.

The mind can only answer half the equation. The mind can provide you with the recipe, but if you haven’t made the meal yet how do you know how delicious it will be? Or if it will be too spicy for you? Only the experience will give you the wisdom to know.

Don’t just know something – LIVE IT. Don’t waste time gathering facts, spend it LIVING YOUR LIFE. And don’t worry about making a mistake. Have as many experiences as possible — make your life as messy as possible, it shows you’ve lived it. And through living it, you’ll truly KNOW what’s right for you, because in life, IT ISN’T WHAT YOU KNOW, it’s what you’ve EXPERIENCED that makes up true intelligence. 

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