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sandstorm… you can see more clearly.

But not until then.

We all go through really confusing situations from time to time. And while you are going through them, they never make sense. They are NOT supposed to. At the time, you just need to get through them. But once the dust settles, you can begin to understand just why that situation was happening to you.

Clarity only comes with time. Take a step back from those painful, confusing situations and put your energy into something else. All the wanting in the world for answers will NOT bring them any quicker. Situations resolve and lessons are learned when the timing is right.

Let the chaos around you settle down, don’t try and force the dust to settle either. You cannot control the amount of time you are caught in that dust storm. So best to put on your goggles and gear and trudge onwards. The important thing is that you nurture yourself along the way. All dust storms create uncertainty, confusion and of course bring up fear of the unknown. But as long as you know that going in to the drama, then you can remind yourself that the dust isn’t forever, it is just an illusion and before you know it, that the dust will settle and you will have complete clarity.

Life is a process and everyone gets caught in the dust storm; the question is how do you ride it out? Don’t take it too seriously, the dust will settle and you will see what was there for you all along. You don’t always get what you want in life, but you always get what you need and once the dust settles, you can see what that is.

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