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… that we can truly see OURSELVES.

Searching for the self in isolation is a daunting task.

You only know who you are IN RELATIONSHIP to another human being. People are mirrors to us. They magnify back to us where we stand within ourselves.

We may not always be able to see ourselves clearly, but our reflection through others will show us how we are showing up in the world. And that reflection is our contribution to the whole.

We are all one. We come from one source and we are on a path towards unified consciousness. When one of us benefits, we all benefit. When one of us suffers, we all suffer.

There is strength in community and there is strife in isolation. We are not here to be alone. We are here to strengthen the collective consciousness. So know that blowing out someone else’s candle, will never make yours burn brighter. 

Don’t resist others, they are there to help you remember who you are and that you are part of the whole. For without the light of others, we’d be left standing in the dark alone.

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