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Nothing ever comes from inactivity. The universe does not understand inactivity. A body in motion must always stay in motion if it is to go anywhere. A body at rest, by definition never moves forward.

If you are waiting for your life to just come together on its own, without your direction, or inspiration or even intuitive guidance, you will be waiting a very long time. You must be an active participant in your life in order to manifest what you are seeking. This means you need to show initiative to create any newness in your life. You need to get up out of the place that is not working for you in order to start the wheels of change.

There is always a destiny in place for you but it requires that you WALK your path of destiny. Destiny will not just deliver life to you. It assumes that you are living your life and moving through your experiences for better or worse. This activity will bring you to the next phase of your life on schedule. But to fight the flow of life, by giving up and staying still and stagnant is to throw away the gift that you were given.

Waiting for your life to come together is a means of passive self-sabotage and it usually happens when someone has been relatively traumatized by a situation and they decide it’s better to take no action then to risk possible wrong action.  The only wrong action in life is inaction because it keeps you locked to where you are.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain. Life is to be lived. And to live is to be an active participant in your life. Time to pick it up. Life is simply too short to let it pass you by. Time to get active! The dance awaits.


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