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experience… it’s there to teach you something.

Otherwise it wouldn’t be happening.

Nothing ever shows up around us that doesn’t somehow reflect what’s going on inside of us. Believe it or not, all events that occur in our lives are our barometers for what we need to work on.

People mistakenly think that they are disconnected from the drama and complications in their lives. They feel that somehow these events are just happening to them and that they are innocent bystanders. Nothing ever shows up in your life that doesn’t have a reason for being. Nothing. Events happen in our lives for many reasons, some of which to:

– bring to light an issue that needs to be worked through

– change direction on your path and open you up to something new

– make you stronger and give you the tools to strengthen your coping mechanisms

– slow you down/stop you in your tracks and get you to focus on what is right in front of you instead of what you are chasing

Needless to say, if it is showing up in your life, it is on YOUR path and it is meant for YOU to experience. So make the most of the experience and realize that you are not a victim of the events in your life, you are the master of the program. Start applying consciousness to your life. Ask yourself why these events might be happening? What are you meant to get out of them? What are you needing to learn or change or grow from? Consciousness helps you to take responsibility for your life. Once you take responsibility and own your life, the rest is simply a walk in the park.

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