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sleepwalking… will always leave you in a place you do NOT want to be.

How could it leave you anywhere else?

No one consciously sets out to sleepwalk. It is an unconscious programming – an unconscious walk throughout your life. If you are NOT consciously looking at your behavior and how you are showing up in life, then you are sleepwalking your way through it and most likely will wake up in a place you didn’t mean to be in.

Why is that the case? Because sleepwalking is unconscious. And only conscious behavior can bring you to where you want to be in your life. Sleepwalking only purports negative programming as it encourages repetitive deconstructive cycles – as in nighttime eating and dangerous walking, etc. Sleepwalking doesn’t get you ahead. It keeps you stuck in negative cycles.

If you are not looking at your behavioral patterns and questioning how it is you got to where you are in your life, then you are NOT doing the work of conscious walking. You are most likely reacting unconsciously to what is going on for you and subsequently sleepwalking your way through it.

You can keep blaming everyone else for the bad that happens in your life or you can wake up today from your debilitating slumber and realize that you have brought it all on yourself and decide that you want to change it. People who sleepwalk blame others for waking up naked outside. People who are awake acknowledge that they have some issues that are causing them to want to take off their clothes and run naked through the streets in their sleep and as a result, they begin to do the work on healing those issues so they can break the pattern.

Wake up, your life is too short to sleepwalk it away. Get back into the driver’s seat of your life and vow to identify your patterns and make the decision to address your issues more consciously. Personal transformation starts with the recognition that you want to WAKE UP TO YOUR LIFE. It is happening right here, right now and the sooner you can wake up and recognize that the decisions you may have made thus far are not serving you, the sooner you can make decisions that will better serve you.

Are you ready to wake up and own your life or are you still sleepwalking? Any time you are ready to stop hitting the snooze button, your life will truly begin.

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