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2884846… takes away your freedom in the moment.

And that is everything.

The best laid plan has to be able to change. Because YOU are always changing.

Don’t hold so tightly to your goals and plans, be flexible with them because things change, people change and new opportunities present themselves every day.

You never want to lock yourself into a future plan because your growth is continual. Make a plan and allow it to be flexible. Choose your highway and select an exit, but then keep your eyes open and take in all the scenery around you. You may decide you want to take a different exit and explore a new town. You may surprise yourself. Life is full of exits and the best of us explore as many as we can before we declare a final destination.

Trying to control your future takes away your freedom in the moment – the freedom to decide to change your mind and take a new exit. Learn to let go and listen to the wisdom of the moment. Plans are meant to be changed. New exits are always meant to be taken. Don’t try and control your future. Pay attention to the moment, it will tell you everything you need to know about your future.

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