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images… you have to stand out in the COLD.

And no one likes to stand out in the cold. It usually means that you are alone and uncomfortable.

But the snowflake can only exist out in the cold. It is the only place that can support it.

We are all beautiful snowflakes – one-of-a-kind, original and unique. We can only thrive and be ourselves when we stand out in the cold and stand up for who we are. It is not always convenient and not always comfortable but always necessary in the evolution of our lives.

Being who you are means respecting your needs, wants, interests and fears – the whole package and standing up for it even if it is inconvenient and uncomfortable. There will even be times when you will be unpopular or even misunderstood.

No one should ever doubt themselves, their worth or their value. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own right and everyone is worth fighting for. To truly be that beautiful snowflake, you have to stand out in the cold. It’s easy to stay inside in the warmth. It’s harder to take a stand and defend who you are by taking the road less traveled. After all, the cold isn’t for everyone, but the cold will certainly attract just the right ones to you. Do you want to be like everyone else and take the easy way out or do you want to work hard to take a stand and be yourself? The rest of your life awaits your decision. Who will you be?

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