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… there are only different experiences.

Bet you didn’t know that? 

Many of us labor over making decisions for fear of making a mistake. But that’s the problem. We think it’s safer to sit it out and wait for clarity, but it’s not. Hesitation breeds stagnancy and decision breeds flow. So, it almost doesn’t matter what decisions you make, it just matters that you make them and continue to move through your life.

There are no guarantees in life, there are only varied experiences. You are meant to flow through a series of experiences and garner the wisdom from them. Those experiences are what make you who you are. The process of choosing is the process of life and the act of choosing requires a process of flow.

This process of flow requires you to moveMomentum is the key. Once you are in action, the universe can steer you towards the outcome that is aligned for you, but if you sit it out on the bench, you become inert and stuck/stagnant so change can never come in. Everyone needs to flow; if you sit still, you block your progress by blocking the process.

It helps to know that it doesn’t matter what path you choose, all that matters is that you get onto one. Once in motion, the universe can guide you towards your highest timeline. But you must be in motion. The only thing the universe cannot do is pull you up off your bench; it cannot intervene in your free will.

You gotta be in it to win it. It never matters what choices you make, all that matters is that you make choices and move through the game of your life. There are no mistakes, only different experiences. Are you flowing through your life and moving through your experiences or are you blocking your own progress?

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