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… are diametrically opposed.

The virtuous are naturally honorable. They operate for the betterment of others and for the world around them. They uphold values that reflect their high morals and integrity. They operate under a ‘service to others’ operandi. And most importantly, they do not seek recognition for their values. They do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. They ARE the virtue they hold; it comes naturally from within themselves.

The righteous want to be seen as honorable. They operate for the betterment of themselves. They uphold values that are seen as moral and uphold a value system that is validated by a given group or ideology. These people operate purely as ‘service to self’ and ultimately seek validation and recognition outside themselves for upholding these values. They have a need to prove to others that the values they hold are held in high regard. Their validation comes from outside themselves; it comes from consensus and group think.

The virtuous have nothing to prove to others, whereas the righteous feel the need to convince you of the validity of their position.

The virtuous has no need to be seen as “right” in the eyes of others whereas the righteous need the validation of others in order to feel as if they are living right.

The virtuous respect and accept all beings for who they are, regardless of their opinions or means of expression, whereas the righteous will only accept you if you are beholden to the values they espouse.

Where do you fall along the spectrum? What is your motivation for the values you hold? These days our society is trending with ‘virtue signaling’ behavior. Is that virtuous or is it righteous? You decide.

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