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… is coming from you.

Always from YOU.

The external world is just a reflection of your own inner state of being. In other words, how you are feeling inside will always be mirrored back to you.

You can’t hide from yourself. The negativity you harbor will bitterly bite you back. The problematic communication you’ve been experiencing will cause problems in all your communications. The agitation and frustration you have been feeling will agitate and frustrate those around you.

The trouble you have with others is always coming from you. Your relationships are an external projection of an internal state of being. If you don’t know what’s going on inside of you, look at your landscape — what and who is showing up around you? How are people treating you? Know that they are always showing up in direct response to the energy that you are emitting.

Keep your side of the street clean. Know what’s yours and give the rest back. When you recognize that the problems you have with others are only projections of your own issues within yourself, you can accept responsibility for the turmoil in your life and ultimately shift it. Do the work inside to heal and your outside world will reflect the changes. The better you feel, the better it gets — it can be no other way.

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