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th-1… makes up the story of your life.

What stories are you telling yourself?

We all tell ourselves stories. They are usually the stories of our limitations… “I am not good enough to get that promotion,” “It’s too risky to start my own business, I have a family to feed,” “I am unhappy in my relationship but at my age what if I never meet anyone else?”

These stories we tell ourselves keep us small and stuck in repetitive cycles. They keep us from taking chances in life. They keep us from becoming great.

The stories you tell yourself create your reality. They are based in fear so they manifest very quickly and only succeed in creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Are you buying into your fears or are you going to buy into your dreams/aspirations?

If your stories aren’t working for you, change them. Dream up a new story for yourself. One that empowers you and one that will create a better outcome for you moving forward. Your life is your story and if you are bored with the chapter or if it is no longer inspiring you, don’t just shut down and accept that that is your “lot in life.” Make a change. Create a new story and work towards its realization.

Life is to short to tell yourself disempowering stories. Do you want those stories to become the story of your life? Probably not. Time to get creative and learn to start living the real story of your life – the one that depicts your highest goals and dreams. What other story do you want to tell?

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