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road to success…. is paved with FAILURES.

It has to be. How else would you get there?

Success is an uphill battle – everyday. It’s a steep incline up a treacherous mountain that few dare to tread. It is not for everyone. It not only requires hard work, dedication and laser-sharp focus; it requires perseverance and a will to NEVER GIVE UP.

But what most people do not realize is that success also requires FAILURE – and lots of it. In short, our mistakes are what make us great – they push us to become stronger, wiser and more adaptable. They push us to learn and evolve and become keenly resourceful and supremely strategic.

The question isn’t – “are you successful?” It is “have you done the work necessary to BECOME a success.” A lot of people do not want to do the work necessary to become a success, they just want it, expect it, feel entitled to it and put out the bare minimum to get it.

To have a successful career, you have to work HARD at it everyday.

To have a successful relationship, you have to work HARD at it everyday.

To have a successful anything, you have to WORK HARD to earn that success. You do not just get it because you want it.

Nothing good ever comes easy and nothing easy is ever really worth having. Newsflash: if you are looking for anything in your life to “just be easy,” you will get easy, but you will NOT get success. They are two entirely different initiatives. But somehow we forget that. Easy is just that, EASY… it is never better and it will NEVER bring you success.

Success is not for the faint-hearted; its for the few who are extraordinary and who want the best that life has to offer. They are willing to work at it everyday and willing to fail at it everyday in order to get the greatness that they know they deserve. After all, how can you know success if you haven’t first learned to fail? How would you ever appreciate success if you didn’t have to do the work necessary to earn it? You wouldn’t.

Be extraordinary. Do the real HARD WORK to become your own success story – not only in your own life, but in your career and in your key relationships. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failures make you great. Without those failures, you are just living a life of mediocrity – the easy life. Greatness awaits you at the top of the mountain. What are you waiting for? Time to start climbing.

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