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th-7… or you’ll NEVER get it.

Speak up or you’ll NEVER be heard.

And ironically if you don’t, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

Things do not magically change because you want them to change. They change when you do something about it. The name of the game is communication – simple, direct and honest.

In life, YOU DO NOT GET WHAT YOU DO NOT ASK FOR. So start asking. It isn’t anyone else’s responsibility to give you what you need, it is your responsibility to honor yourself and ask for it. People cannot help you if you do not first help yourself by articulating your unhappiness and being clear about what it is you really need.

But our biggest problem is that we stay stuck in situations that no longer serve us and relationships that no longer nurture our growth. And we wonder why we are left unhappy and depressed? By living your life in a state of inertia, nothing can ever change until an act of will propels the situation forward.

Don’t waste your time blaming others for your unhappiness. If you can’t articulate yourself clearly then you will NEVER get your needs met and you can NEVER blame anyone else for it.

If something in your life needs to change, speak up or forever hold your peace. And don’t think you are doing others a favor by staying quiet, you are hurting everyone by keeping the peace. Your life and believe it or not, the lives of others, only improves when you decide to do something about your situation. How do you want to live you life?

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