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th-3… is in their ability to be humble.

Real power is in the mark of someone who doesn’t need to hide behind an over-inflated ego. It is the mark of someone who has achieved everything and yet has nothing to prove. It is the mark of someone who is truly comfortable in their skin and truly comfortable in their ability to be REAL, not living behind a shield of pretense. It is the mark of someone who truly knows who they are and can stand firm in the face of adversity. It is in the mark of someone who doesn’t need, nor seek validation from others.

In other words, truly powerful people know where real power resides and they know that it is NEVER outside of them. They know that power is NOT to be found in fame or fortune. It is NOT to be found in the car they drive or in the number of beach homes they have. It is NOT to be found in the amount of money they make or in their social status. It is NOT to be found in the brands they wear, nor the people they hang around with.

Truly powerful people know that their power comes from within. They have an innate ability to see themselves. They are able to admit their faults. They are able to accept responsibility for their actions especially when they are less than desirable. They are able to constructively hear criticism and subsequently apply the learning. They are able to share their more difficult life experiences with others in hopes to promote their growth without worrying about how they might appear. And even more importantly, they do not need accolades because they know that the best reputations are created without even trying.

Truly powerful people have nothing to prove and yet everything to share with the world. They are modest, and are more interested in helping others for the sake of truly making a difference NOT for what it says about them.

The secret to truly powerful people lies in the ability to practice humility and vulnerability. These beings realize that it is never about physical strength or mental strength – it is always about emotional strength. There is a strength in admitting your limitations that can never be found in the professing of your achievements.

Do you want to be a truly powerful person? Do you want to be recognized in your field? Do you want to influence others and help to inspire them? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Stop trying to DO all that and start BEING REAL within yourself. Your ability to be truly powerful lies within YOU never outside of you.

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