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… once you’re on it, you’re in for a ride.

And that ride is a tough one.

One negative thought begets another begets another, begets another. Once you set down the path of focusing on self-limiting beliefs, fears and anxieties, you spiral down the rabbit hole burying yourself under your own negative thought forms.

Trains have a tendency to pick up momentum as they barrel along the track. The negativity train is fueled by every fearful, depressing thought you’ve ever had and it gains speed and force along the way. Once that train is moving in a swift self-defeating direction, it’s almost impossible to stop the inevitable. 

To stop the negativity train, get out ahead of it. Stop those negative thoughts in their tracks before they gain momentum over you and learn to replace those thoughts with thoughts that are more constructive and more inspiring.

Your life is your own. Don’t let the runaway negativity train take you out. If you don’t stop the momentum before it builds, you’ll never know what hit you. 

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