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Unknown… will eventually pull you down.

You cannot continue in a pattern of survival forever. But there is always the tendency to get stuck on that log. After all, it saved you at one point and out of habit, it is easy to grow dependent upon it. But dependency never yields success. Relying on your log for survival gets old fast and eventually you tire of holding it and the log yields to your weight and you both sink. So what once saved you will ultimately destroy you if you do not allow yourself to evolve beyond it. 

The game is not about surviving but thriving. You have to learn to move beyond the safety net of what once served you and push the boundaries into a new life for yourself. No one is going to do it for you. Holding onto that log does not keep you safe, it holds you back from becoming great. We all have our logs in lives – the people, the jobs, the situations that came in and saved us at a time when we needed it. That time is now over and the rest of your life is ready to begin. Learn to leave those logs behind and trust yourself that you can swim to a new side of that lake and create a new life for yourself. Any time you are ready to let go of your log, the rest of your life is waiting to begin. Are you ready to take a chance?

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Your life is meant to thrive.

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