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… they can be inherently unhappy.

And that can make them do bad things.

But at the core, people are naturally good. It’s just that unhappiness can block the flow of joy and stifle our flow of light.

Where intention goes, energy flows. If there’s no intention for joy, there can be no flow of light and if there is no flow of light, one remains in darkness. And if one is in darkness, it’s impossible to share light and good with others.

Don’t judge others. They may be unhappy and caught up in their own darkness. In that darkness, they’ll never see the light. People aren’t inherently bad, they can just be inherently unhappy and thus be enticed to do bad things.

Good people do bad things all the time; it’s not that they’re bad, it’s just that they’ve lost their natural connection to all that is good. 

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