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… this moment has every answer you will ever need.

As humans, most of us get caught up in the “mousewheel of life.” We go on auto-pilot and end up in an endless wheel of routine where we don’t even feel life anymore. We rush and rush and rush to end up in yet the same place. And what’s it all for? Why all the rushing? Where are we trying to get to?

It’s about security and safety. We are always trying to get answers to our future and where we’re headed. But the future doesn’t have your answers, the answers are in this present moment. It’s just that most humans are never conscious in the present moment and so they miss all the subtle signs and synchronicities that would direct them to the optimal next step. When you’re sleep walking your way through your life and chasing a future moment, you miss all the richness and gifts that are waiting for you in this present moment.

Time is speeding up these days and when you’re not present in this moment, but chasing a future moment, you will never get caught up with yourself. The future can’t help you because you’re not there yet. But if you slow down and pay attention to your life in this moment, you will hear what it has to tell you. The secrets to your future are right in front of you. When you are fully present to the magic in this moment, you will be delivered to a future moment that is truly magical.

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