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The Blame Game… has NO winners.

It takes EVERYONE down.

We all want to point fingers when a situation in our lives does not play out the way we want it to. We somehow tend to blame others for our dissatisfaction in our relationships, careers, money, weight and/or in our addiction issues. We think “well, I am this way because someone did this to me” and we point fingers at others instead of accepting responsibility for where we are now. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what happened to you in the past – it’s over – and now YOU OWN IT, how are you going to make your life better? Recognize that looking back and blaming someone will certainly not make it any better because you are the ONLY one who can make a change in your life.

The fact of the matter is … you are where you are because of the choices you have made or the choices you have ALLOWED to be made. Believe it or not, no one put you anywhere that you haven’t allowed. For example, being in an abusive relationship with someone makes you the victim of abuse; BUT recognizing that you have allowed yourself to be in an abusive relationship empowers you to accept responsibility for your choices and inspires you to make better choices for yourself moving forward. In other words, you may have suffered abuse, but no one made you stay there. Blaming the abuser will not change your life. Empowering yourself to make the decision to leave will.

Pointing the finger assures you will always be the victim of your life. But accepting responsibility for how you have gotten to where you have gotten to always empowers you to make change.

No one wins the blame game. No matter how much you want to point the finger, it will NEVER change the past. If you are blaming others for your current situation, you have missed the opportunity to make a better situation for yourself.

Don’t blame others for where you are in life. Pointing fingers will never make your life better. Accept responsibility for your where you are and make changes that have the potential to create the life you really want. Haven’t you waited long enough?

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