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… they make us better.

In fact, those bad times make us stronger, wiser and smarter. They push us to expand beyond our horizons and develop new skill sets. They don’t allow for complacency. They demand transformation.

The bad times are indeed the best times, but unfortunately many people only appreciate the good times. They want things to be easy and laced with rainbows and butterflies. But rainbows and butterflies don’t promote growth, they reward it.

Many of us shut down in the face of bad times. We numb ourselves from having to face the pain. But that only succeeds in keeping us stuck in a numbing void where we never grow.

Transformation is the path forward and although everyone wants to be transformed to some extent, no one wants to go through the pain of the transformational process. It’s never easy and generally requires sitting into the pain until it can be transmuted into higher frequencies.

The next time you want to feel victimized because you are stuck in some bad times, remember that the bad times are actually the best times, they make us stronger, better and wiser. They push us to become the being we are here to become. They push us to see what we are capable of. And the good times? Well, they are just the rewards for having done the work. Game on.

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