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… is in learning to get up faster.

We are all continually on a path of strength training and agility training because the fall is inevitable. It’s an integral part of how we humans learn and become better.

The secret to mastering the art of the fall, is to become highly agile and flexible so that when we do fall, we can move through the impact much more quickly and it doesn’t take us out.

In other words…

The harder you are on yourself, the harder it will be to come back from the fall.

The easier you can be on yourself, the more easefully you will come back from the fall.

Punishing or blaming yourself for your mistakes hardens you and locks you into a no-win position; whereas identifying the mistakes and using them as a benchmark for progress opens you up to mastery.

Learn to roll with the punches. If you are too rigid, those punches will knock you out. But if you’re able to ease up on your ego to get the lesson and get out, your agility/humility will catapult you forward.

No one likes to fall, but when you do so, learn to get up faster. Move through the curriculum of life’s lessons and stand strong so no one and nothing can ever push you over again.

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… it’s how quickly you can catch yourself.

We all fall. The cycle of life has many ups and downs. After all, what goes up must come down. Falling down isn’t the issue — learning to land more gracefully is.

How do you weather your falls? Do you crash and burn? Or do you catch yourself so you do not go down in flames? We innately understand how to catch ourselves when we trip over a curb, but we somehow get tripped up over our falls in life.

Falling isn’t the issue, it’s what we do once we fall that determines where we will end up. Are you adept at catching yourself and making it look like a seamless step or do you allow that stumble to bring you to your knees in tears for everyone to see.

Falling doesn’t have to mean falling apart. It can also mean falling into something new. Don’t buy into the drama of the fall, pretend that it was an intentional measure to showcase your strength and fortitude. What doesn’t kill you will always make you stronger as long as you manage to get up off the floor and keep moving.

Don’t get tripped up over the fall. Learn how to make a dance out of it. Be easy with yourself. Be light. And the next time you fall, it will not take you out; it will only make you laugh.

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falling… is in learning to catch yourself.

We are all going to fall. It is written into the very fabric of our lives. But how we experience that fall determines the quality of our life and our future experiences.

If we could understand that the “fall” is just a vehicle for our growth as it brings opportunity for us to learn critical lessons, then we would be able to escape from the overall drama of the experience itself. Remember our work is to GET THE LESSON and GET OUT so that progress may be made and our lives can move forward more constructively.

Experiencing the art of the fall is in learning to land more gracefully – NOT going down in flames screaming obscenities to our imagined foes. When you start to recognize that your challenges are what determine your potential for greatness, then there is no need to fight them.

We live in a world of illusion. The great yogis call this “maya”. Life is an illusion. There is no challenge greater than you in life and there is no challenge that is out to get you and destroy you. The illusion would have you believe that you are unsafe and “coming apart from the seems.” This illusion is just the vehicle to test what you have learned thus far to see how you have grown or if you’ve grown at all.

Don’t buy into the drama. It doesn’t matter WHAT happens to you or WHO does it. It only matters what you do with the outcome and how you make your life better because of it. You can’t control the fall, but you can absolutely control it’s affect over you.

The next time you face a major challenge in your life, remember that it is never about the actual fall itself; the wisdom is found in learning the reasons WHY you are falling. Once you learn those lessons, you will never fall quite the same way again.

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