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… begins with giving to YOURSELF.

This time of year we are busy running around trying to “buy love.” We are conditioned to purchase material things for people in order to show them how much we love them. The irony here is that true love begins with loving YOU. Most people overlook that small detail, they deplete themselves by giving too much to others – they sell out their skills, their support and their hearts in hopes to gain something – acceptance to a group, love of partner, promotion at work, etc..  When you sell yourself out, you deplete your resources and thus have next to nothing to give to anyone else. Buying expensive trinkets for another will never restore the love you are deeply longing for. You are the one who needs to give that love to yourself. If you give to yourself, you will have enough love, strength, patience, calm, tolerance, etc.. to give to another being.

When you do not have that level of self-love, you suffer on other levels. Self-worth and self-esteem are close siblings of self-love. When you allow others to cross your boundaries and subsequently play the victim, you are not loving yourself. You are loving someone more than you. Giving too much of yourself is a quick path to destruction. Playing the martyr never wins you what you are actually seeking. Loving another being with your whole heart is beautiful, but you should always be able to say, you love yourself MORE.

This holiday season, remember nothing of any real value can be bought at the mall. Put down the ribbons and gift boxes long enough to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are giving enough to YOU. If the answer is no, you may want to shift your priorities. Make your happiness your own personal gift for 2012. Happy Holidays, everyone. 🙂

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