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th… or get OUT of the way.

True leaders know how to lead. They set a precedent of behavior for others to follow. They are influencers. They inspire others to be better. They create powerful initiatives and encourage change in the world around them. They are transformation makers who seek to shake up the status quo and demand better for themselves and the world around them.

People who lead by example are making a difference in the world, just by being in it. Their presence and their kindness and altruism make the world a better place.

If in your tiny part of the world, you are NOT leading by example then you are setting the WRONG example. But when you live your highest life with integrity, you encourage others to do the same. How are you showing up in your life? Are you the best version of yourself everyday? Do you strive to lead or are you lying back and just following the crowd?

Making the world a better place starts with YOU. Ask yourself if you are making a difference or if you are just going along for the ride? Life is too short NOT to lead. If you are NOT making a difference, GET OUT OF THE WAY and make room for those who will. We can all make a difference, lead by example, you never know who is following.

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