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th… assures you that things will get HARDER later on.

Don’t kid yourself, there are no short cuts in life. If you come up to a challenging situation in a love relationship or at work, etc., it is because it is time for you to work through it.

Nothing ever shows up in our lives without a reason for being. And challenges in our lives always show up on cue. But you always have a choice. You can either walk the challenge, see it through and grow beyond it or you can accept the “easier way out” which will also “coincidentally” appear at the same time. Hence you get to choose your path. Depending on your ability to know yourself and to know what you need to work on at this stage of your life will determine which direction you take and subsequently determine your level of happiness.

Don’t think the easy way out means easier. Easy very often becomes boring, frustrating and leaves us feeling unchallenged, uninspired and stagnant as time goes by.

Accepting the challenging route is no doubt more challenging, but it assures that you rise to the occasion and you grow and you become more of the being you are here to become. Challenges ALWAYS make us better. Challenges are the knock at the door that say, “hey, hi are you ready to play?”

Ask yourself if you are ready to play? Are you ready to be better? If you are here to become the best YOU you can, then grab that challenge. It is the lifeboat that will take you to the life you want. Anything else deemed “easier” will only provide very short term gratification and then quickly drop you into a deep low where you feel stuck and unhappy because you have avoided your own growth.

You always have a choice. Choose wisely. Learn to go deep. Learn to do the work. Learn how to live the happiest life you are here to live. You only learn it by overcoming those challenges NEVER hiding from them.

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