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th-5… leave it there.

No need to carry it forward.

New years are just that – they are for having A NEW YEAR. But we make it a habit of packing up what didn’t work this year and slinging it over our shoulders and bringing it forward into the new year – as if it will somehow magically change? It doesn’t. It is the same dysfunction just another year later and another year wasted.

If a part of your life is consistently not working and keeping you back, then the new year ahead is the time to make change. Resolutions are set to free us from the binds that tie us.

Take stock of what isn’t working this year, so you can find what will. Don’t sit back and watch your life idly pass you by. Every new year is a year to make change and create the life of your dreams.

If it hasn’t been working in 2015 (and in years past), it will most likely NOT work in 2016. Cut your losses and change direction. Decide what you can leave in this current year and create the space to bring in new energy. You already know what things look like this year and if you do not create the space for change, next year will be an obvious repeat. Do you want to make it a happy new year? Then truly move forward and make it A NEW YEAR.

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