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images… or no one will EVER hear you.

Our words are extremely powerful, yet we do not know how to use them. Generally speaking, we stuff them down and don’t say what we really want to say for fear of what others will think of us.

Your work is to be able to be honest with yourself and then honestly communicate yourself to others. You don’t win any points in life by holding back and not speaking your mind. When you hold back, you become a pawn in someone else’s play. And you are not here to live out someone else’s drama.

You are here to live YOUR PLAY, no one else’s. No one loses but you when you choose to NOT express yourself adequately. Now that does not mean to unleash fury onto people but it does expect that you speak your mind kindly, constructively and compassionately. When you can do that, you have done all you can to ensure a positive outcome in your own play.

The words we use can either make or break us. But the words we DON’T USE, never have the chance to help us.

Aren’t you tired of censoring yourself? Your feelings are important and your expression of your emotions leads to your evolution, so start talking. Your world cannot change around you if you are not communicating with others. After all, people are not mind readers and it is not their job to try and guess how you are feeling. It is your job to express yourself kindly, constructively and compassionately (without censorship) – then your work is done. You only get one life (this time around), don’t waste it holding your tongue. Things don’t get better by holding your tongue; they get better through clear, kind and constructive communication.

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