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th… CHANGING the behavior does.

Sorry is just a word; albeit an important word that accepts responsibility for a hurtful or inappropriate action. But let’s be honest, it’s just a word – and a word can never change an action.

Sorry is nice but when it is NOT followed up with better behavior, it becomes manipulative. Sorry is a way of gaining someone’s trust and loyalty, but if the behavior remains unchanged, sorry just becomes a placating and deceitful sentiment. Furthermore, you can only hear “sorry” so many times before it no longer has any resonance for you.

If someone is truly sorry for their actions, they STOP the behavior and they become a better version of themselves. If they are not truly sorry for their actions or they are just acting unconsciously, their actions will unfortunately continue. “Sorry” only goes so far, if the behavior remains unchanged, people shut down to it and walk away, understandably so.

Sorry doesn’t make things better. Changing the behavior does. Don’t try to manipulate someone by placating them with “sorry.” If you do, you’ll be the one who is sorry when they give up on you and finally walk away.

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