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th… because words can get in the way.

Sometimes we use too many words. Sometimes we use the wrong words. Sometimes we use words as a weapon. Sometimes we use words to control/manipulate.

In any relationship, communication is key. But have you ever hit a wall with someone when they’re just not hearing you?

Words are a necessary evil and when used wisely, they can heal and inspire any situation, but when your words are not being received well, they can create more harm than good.

In life, your work is to express yourself kindly, constructively and compassionately and then WALK AWAY – step back and give space and silence to absorb. Know that you have nothing else to prove.

Defending yourself voraciously doesn’t get you heard.

Trying to convince others that you’re right doesn’t get you heard.

Arguing your point over and over again doesn’t get you heard.

At some point, people just shut down and can no longer hear. When you’ve reached that point, it’s best to pull back your energy and give space and silence for others to process what you have said.

Through that silence people are better able to find their own way with it. No one is saying not to communicate and express yourself, but when words are not working, the strongest statement you can make is NO statement. Silence tells them how you are feeling, where are you standing on an issue, and how tolerant and understanding you will be moving forward.

Silence is the greatest teacher. If you want someone to hear you, stop talking. Your silence will tell them everything they need to know.

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