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… your life KEEPS YOU unhappy.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Nothing and no one will bring you joy because your happiness can NEVER be found OUTSIDE OF YOU.

Happiness is an inside job but as humans, we project our need for happiness outside of us. We sit and wait for something to make us happy…

If I could just get that new job, I’ll be happy.

If I could just get that promotion, I’d be happy.

If I could just get the raise, I’d be happy.

If I could just close the deal, I’d be happy.

And so on…

But here’s the irony… no lasting happiness can be found outside of you — it’s fleeting. Once you get something you want, there will undoubtedly be something else that you’ll want in order to be happy. You’ll always want more therefore you’ll always end up chasing happiness. 

Start learning to change the way you are looking at things — when you learn to find the best in ANY situation, you’ll find the happiness it has for you. Every moment of your life offers you a small gift of happiness if you are conscious enough to see it.

But our tendency is to only look at things at face value — is it good or baddoes it makes me happy or sad? But life isn’t black or white — happiness exists in the shades of grey. And those shades are waiting to be defined each and every day by YOU.

When you are unhappy with your life, your life keeps you unhappy — it will continue to bring you situations that match your unhappy vibration. Happiness is an inside job — find any reason to be happy and let it raise your vibration. Like attracts like. When you learn to find ANY reason to be happy, the universe will bring you EVERY reason to be happy. 

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