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th-4… rewrite your story.

After all, it’s YOURS to rewrite.

We all have a story. Our stories define our lives, but we forget that we are the authors of our stories and that we can rewrite our stories whenever we like.

You are never trapped in your story, if you do not like the chapter you find yourself in, rewrite a new ending – one that better fits you, one that better excites you, one that helps you make amends to the past and inspires you towards a better future.

It doesn’t matter where you have found yourself in your story, you can decide in this moment to change it. You are in full control and can change your story on a dime. If your past is harassing you, erase it and rewrite a new history for yourself and in your next moment, it will become your reality. If you do not like how you have shown up for yourself or others, start now and rewrite your role. Be the YOU you want to be and don’t feel imprisoned by the you you’ve been all along.

If you do not like what you are looking at, change it. You have a general script in place which is your destiny/fate. But you were given free will and that gives you the pencil/eraser to change any and all of it whenever you like. You are never bound to your story, you are always free to explore the parameters of your dreams.

What is holding you up? You are the only one keeping yourself stuck in a story that you’ve outgrown. When you decide to allow yourself to be happy, you will rewrite your story and allow yourself the opportunity to live the life you truly want to live, not the life you consequently find yourself living. There is a difference.

You hold the pen, you are the author, if you are unhappy with what is going on in your life, rewrite your story. Your story begins and ends with you. Why would you give anyone else the pen?

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