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… makes things harder then they need to be.

No one is saying don’t work hard, but there is a tipping point where trying too hard and pushing against resistance creates more problems.

How do you know when “working hard” becomes “trying too hard”?

When it ceases to be enjoyable.

When you feel like your efforts are going nowhere.

When you find you are hitting your head on the same wall over and over again and it is still not yielding.

When the frustration and stagnation of the current stasis has sufficiently depleted you.

If something is not coming together, there is usually a reason why – and that reason is always valid. Resistance on your path is very purposeful. It keeps you from progressing further in a given direction. Recognize that the resistance is there to help you, not hurt you. Pushing against the resistance makes things harder then they need to be. By pushing your agenda forward, you are complicating your life.

Don’t make your life harder then it needs to be. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. And in time you’ll realize that you never really wanted it.

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