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… you have to step outside the crowd.

And that’s never comfortable.

No one likes to step outside the known reality/the consensus reality because we falsely believe that there is “safety in numbers,” so we religiously “follow the herd.” We figure, “they must know something we don’t,” so we join them because we figure “it is better to be part of something than to stand idle alone.” But this is the greatest misnomer of our time.

Truth is, no individual can know themselves within the context of a group. The group dictates a standard that phase-locks individuals to a false identity. Therefore, one has to get outside the group in order to see their own colors, otherwise the group dynamic will muddy those colors.

Many of us get lost in the crowd and identify ourselves as part of the crowd. But who you truly are can never be identified if you are hiding in the crowd. In order to be who you are, you must step outside the crowd and stand in your own light. And that is what scares most of us and consequently what leads most of us to stay hidden in the crowd. No one wants the spotlight shown upon them.

Are you ready to be seen? Are you ready to take a stand for your self and your soul? Get out of the darkness and step into your light.

These days, the crowd is increasingly breaking down and the time is coming to make your own road home. Are you ready to chart your individual course? The universe is waiting on you.

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