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th…runs you in circles.
It keeps you in a self-imposed loop of doubt. When in reality, you knew the right answer all along.

Listen to yourself. Your FIRST impression is ALWAYS the right one. It comes from your intuitionyour heart, your inner knowing, you inner feeling – without bias, without overthinking it.

Your 2nd impression comes from the mind. It intervenes and tries to interject an element of FEAR or CONTROL into the situation to give it substantiation, negation or rationalization.

Don’t make yourself crazy. If it feels right, IT IS RIGHT. If it doesn’t feel right somehow, it will never change for you. Your intuition always knows what is right, the trick is getting your mind to shut up long enough for you to hear it.

Second guessing yourself runs you in circles. Going back is NEVER the answer. Going back will never change the outcome for you; it will just keep you stuck in a cycle of self-doubt.

Honor yourself. Learn to trust in the wisdom of your soul. Don’t go back. Recognize that if it didn’t feel right initially, it isn’t right and it will not all of a sudden become right for you. Don’t waste your time second guessing yourself, give yourself that time to open up to what is truly right for you and call it forth into your life. The sooner you can move beyond your self-imposed hole of self-doubt, the sooner you can move forward with your life.

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