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Around and around we go. Like a mouse on a wheel, we run ourselves ragged, running in place and running unconsciously towards an unknown goal. We get caught up in our habitual patterns and stay in dysfunctional situations – jobs, relationships, friendships, etc… and we never ask ourselves if we are actually happy? We hold onto situations so tightly and try and make them work, only exhausting ourselves and then surprisingly we realize that after all that time we have actually not gotten anywhere we’ve wanted to go? Wheels don’t bring you new experiences, they bring you the same experience over and over again and if you are not happy with that experience, why would you stay on it?

On some level we believe that running on the same wheel as everyone else is actually easier than trying to stop the rapid pace of life and leap off it to make change. By staying on the wheel you are limiting yourself to a narrow perspective of life. While you are on the wheel you only get one view – sure it may change depending on natural sunlight – but you never get to see what is fully around you. You miss out on life.

Life is meant to be lived and truly experienced, not run in circles. You never get anywhere in life by staying still no matter how fast you run. Running on that wheel of life keeps you stuck, trying to keep up with the rat race. If the perspective of your life on the wheel does not make you happy then again I ask you, why stay on it? It is time for us all to take stock of our lives and what it is that truly makes us happy. If you are unhappy, it is time to slow down the pace just enough to leap off the wheel. Once you are off of it, you can stroll around the cage and explore all your views. You will see that life opens up. Eventually you will even learn how to break loose of the cage and find completely new perspectives. These new perspectives may be frightening, but I assure you no more frightening then staying on that wheel. A life lived consciously is worth a million unconscious trips on a wheel.

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