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th… is a natural cycle of life.

Not every relationship is meant to last forever.

Not every person is meant to be in your life forever.

People come in an out of your life for a reason and once that reason is served, they are free to move on… and it’s imperative that they move on.

People in your life are like trees… Some are like the leaves, they sway back and forth in the breeze and never seem to be a stable presence in your life and then they wither and die off. Some are like the branches, they have a slightly more sturdy presence in your life but may give way and betray you if you step out too far on them. And some are the roots, the roots are the people who are foundational in your life and will stand the test of time.

But not everyone in your life is a root. Nor are they meant to be. 

Most people are seasonal and come into your life to teach you certain things, inspire you, or support you on your path, and then that season is over…. and they are gone. They have to leave because they move with the seasons.

The seasons understand letting go – it happens naturally. But people fight this natural process and try to hold onto the season long after it has gone. It is important to understand that truly loving someone means letting them go when you realize the season has changed.

So leaving is a natural part of the loving process. You always have to make space for the next love to come in (both for yourself and for your partner). Don’t hold on too long to a dying leaf or a broken branch, offer it up to new growth. Recognize that you may be sad during that winter of your life, but know that spring is always just around the corner. Loving and leaving is a natural cycle of life. Love isn’t always forever, but its lessons last a lifetime.

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